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Taking the food sector from corporate supermarkets: interview with Maresa Bossano, co-ordinator of the UK Community-Supported Agriculture Network

This week we’re talking with Maresa Bossano, who is the co-ordinator for the Community-Supported Agriculture Network in the UK. Read more

Co-operative smartphones are coming: Nithin Coca interviews the chair of KDIM Co-op

Nithin Coca of | 25-Jul-2018 | 3

You can get yourself a co-operative phone and broadband provider – the Phone Co-op. But you can’t get a phone made by a co-operative – not in the UK, anyway. Nithin Coca reports from Indonesia on a co-operative in Jakarta producing low-end, cheap phones for their home market. Read more

Living together 2: community land trust – interview with Monica King of Bridport Cohousing

This is the first in a series of interviews with people involved in setting up alternative, co-operative living arrangements – cohousing, community land trusts, housing co-ops, intentional communities etc. A group of us in London hope to gather information to help us start our own project. Read more

Would you like to be a smallholder with the Ecological Land Co-op?

As we prepare our smallholder application process for our next sites in East Sussex, the Gower and Somerset (all going well with planning permission!) we would like to find out some more information about our potential smallholders. Read more

Managing an orchard floor as a wildflower / hay meadow

With careful management the orchard floor can become a thriving wildflower meadow, a habitat which is not only good for the wildlife, but also good for the soul.  Read more

Join the Land Justice Network national gathering on 18 August in Sheffield

The Land Justice Network national gathering is your chance to learn about their work campaigning for land reform and to together help plan next steps. Read more

Interested in building with straw? Don’t miss The Big Straw Bale Gathering!

It’s not too late to join the biggest straw-bale building event of the year this August in Swansea. Jeffrey Hart of SBUK tells us about how you can get involved, learning all about building with straw from an impressive line-up of speakers to hands-on workshops. Read more

Volunteers needed for The Community Farm roundhouse build – could it be you?

The Community Farm is seeking volunteers to help finish their spectacular roundhouse project. Annabel Wallace tells us how you can get involved. Read more

Living together 1: exploring the options for starting a cohousing project

Dave Darby of | 05-Jul-2018 | 14

My partner and I have decided that we want to sell our house and come together with other people to create some sort of cohousing / community living project. But how many other people? And where will it be? Will it be a new-build project, or will it involve converting or combining an existing propery… Continue reading Living together 1: exploring the options for starting a cohousing project Read more

The case for feeding food waste to pigs

Lesley Anderson of | 03-Jul-2018 | 5

If we are going to use livestock to produce food, we need to work out how to do so sustainably. It has always been a source of frustration to me that so much food is wasted, yet we cannot legally use it to feed our livestock, leaving them munching away on food which could have… Continue reading The case for feeding food waste to pigs Read more

‘Homegrown well-being’ and alternatives to corporate drug companies: interview with GP Simon Lennane

Another of our interviews, first posted on, with people working on providing alternatives to multinational corporations – this time in the health sector. Read more

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