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11/2015 posts

The number of people with allergies is rising rapidly; but 10 times as many people believe that they have allergies, when in fact they don’t

Dave Darby of | 10-Nov-2015 | 2

Just heard a Radio 4 programme about allergies, which dovetailed with a lot of our beliefs. Here are the highlights. Read more

Why do giant corporations pretend to be small, local, craft businesses?

Dave Darby of | 09-Nov-2015 | 1

Jack Daniel’s is a classic example of this. You must have seen their ads – on posters, in magazines, on TV? The ones where they try to disguise a massive corporate behemoth as a folksy, friendly, small, local business? Old men in dungarees play cards on upturned barrels Read more

SBUK – A new voice for strawbale building in the UK

Advocates of straw bale building in the UK met on Friday 23rd October 2015, at the SPAB offices in Spitalfields, London, to decide a way forward for the industry in the UK. Read more

‘Why?’ does consumer organisation ‘Which?’ support TTIP? (and what you can do about it)

Linda Kaucher of Stop TTIP | 07-Nov-2015 | 2

Although the UK consumer organisation ‘Which?’ expresses some concerns about TTIP (the US/EU free trade agreement)  the organisation’s main message is that TTIP is likely to be good for consumers as it may possibly mean some lower prices. Read more

What are we supposed to teach children about nature nowadays, without frightening them?

Paul Jennings of Criafolen | 06-Nov-2015 | 4

My little boy Alfred, just turned 6, pays close attention to what he hears. Sometimes this means that we need to be very careful in case he remembers something and then blurts it out in front of just the wrong person. It’s already clear that he’d make an awful spy. Read more

Here’s why it’s a good idea to plant more willow (just not close to drains)

Willow is a native UK plant, which grows well in our temperate climate and is very easy to grow from cuttings. There are hundreds of different varieties of willow. Each variety differs in terms of growth rate, colour of stem and leaf shape. Read more

Global Redesign Initiative: how banks and corporations are planning to become global governors

Dave Darby of | 04-Nov-2015 | 2

This report is really something that everyone in the world should understand, because it spells out precisely what the corporate sector intends to do.  Read more

Why does the planning system make it so difficult for people who want to live on the land sustainably?

Paul Jennings of Criafolen | 02-Nov-2015 | 17

Being able to go through the process of making a planning application for a low impact development may be a sign that there has been some progress for those of us who have hitherto lived, to paraphrase, as outlaws on the planning frontier. Read more

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