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Permaculture pigs: integrating pigs into a permaculture design

Firstly I should state there is no such thing as a permaculture pig, but rather pigs woven in to a permaculture design. Firstly we have to look carefully at every element we are planning on putting in to our design. Read more

Ten top tips for running a market stall or craft fayre stall

Today we’re sharing ten tips for running a market stall or craft fayre stall from the folks behind The Soap Kitchen. Read more

CSA Network UK AGM and inspiring photography exhibition – all in a day!

If you’re in London on 16th October, don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to celebrate community supported agriculture at the CSA Network UK AGM and be inspired by the Feed the World photography exhibition. Read more

How could we build a viable alternative to the current, bank-controlled money system? Interview with Matthew Slater of the Credit Commons Collective

This week we’re talking with Matthew Slater of the Credit Commons Collective, working to build a mutualist, credit-based alternative to the current money system. Read more

Pottery on the wild side: digging your own clay

Ruby Taylor of Native Hands | 20-Sep-2018 | 0

Digging your own clay – too much hassle or a whole lot of fun? We hear from Ruby Taylor of Native Hands about how to source your own clay, as she does for her wild pottery courses in Sussex. Over to her from here…  Read more

Want better food for all? The Good Food Good Farming march is for you.

The Landworkers’ Alliance are joining with others to call for an Agriculture Bill that provides access to healthy sustainable food for all. Join them on Sunday 14 October as they head to Westminster for the Good Food Good Farming March. Read more

Is eating meat ethical or sustainable? Interview with Simon Fairlie, author of ‘Meat: A Benign Extravagance’

We are sometimes approached by people asking why we provide information on vegetarianism, veganism and keeping animals. Isn’t that a bit incongruous? We don’t think it is Read more

A woodland classroom for north London – help OrganicLea make it happen!

Craig Bayne of Organic Lea | 13-Sep-2018 | 0

OrganicLea are planning a woodland classroom but need your help to make it happen. Craig Bayne tells us more about how you can get involved with this fantastic opportunity to create more space for nature-based learning and food growing skills in north east London. Read more

Celebrate a bumper harvest at a CSA Open Day this autumn

We hear from Maresa Bossano about the CSA Open Day events promising fun, friendship and the opportunity to learn about your local community farm this autumn. Read more

Living together 5: commonhold for cohousing projects – interview with Peter Burke of A Fairer Society

This week we’re talking with Peter Burke of A Fairer Society, a consultancy for people thinking about setting up some sort of cohousing project, from housing co-ops to community land trusts. Read more

The National Permaculture Convergence is heading for Hulme

We hear from Permaculture Association’s Dan Hurring about the 2018 National Permaculture Convergence, running 20-23 September in Hulme, Manchester. Will you be there? Read more

Farm Hack is coming to Wales! Join in 6-7 October at the CSA Gathering

You’re invited to participate in skill shares and farm hacks from 6-7 October 2018 at Tyddyn Teg Co-operative near Caernarfon. A joint event between Farm Hack and the Community Supported Agriculture network in Wales, Frank White tells us more. Read more

12 reasons why people refuse to address the idea that we’re headed for near-term societal collapse

Prof. Jem Bendell of IFLAS | 02-Sep-2018 | 31

The starting point for a generative discussion of the deep adaptation agenda is a difficult one. Because to begin to rigorously and imaginatively discuss this topic first requires us to accept the likelihood of near term societal collapse. Read more

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