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How to make natural non-toxic paint from clay

Natural builder Sigi Koko shares her tried and tested method of making natural non-toxic paint from clay. Read more

So long, Doris: how to make a Linux computer from scratch

When his old computer died, Simon Lennane knew exactly what to do to get back up and running, by building a Linux computer from scratch. Read more

Why the future of money is mutual credit (and not Bitcoin): Interview with Thomas H Greco Jr.

Tom Greco of Beyond Money | 27-Jan-2019 | 18

Today I’m talking with Thomas Greco, who taught economics, finance and statistics for 14 years at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, and is now an activist and consultant working on alternatives to the current money system. He also wrote the End of Money and the Future of Civilisation. I came across this book… Continue reading Why the future of money is mutual credit (and not Bitcoin): Interview with Thomas H Greco Jr. Read more

UK Mutual Credit Network: register your interest

Working alongside our partners at The Open Co-op, the Open Credit Network, a UK mutual credit network, is starting to win support from organisations like Goodmoney and Finance Lab. Matthew Slater shares how you can get involved. Read more

Help bring community energy to North Kensington with the NKCE share offer

North Kensington Community Energy is the first community-owned energy enterprise in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. They are installing solar panels on 2 primary schools and a community centre. Read more

How the viable system model (VSM) can help build a new economy: Trevor Hilder of Web of Wealth

Trevor Hilder of Web of Wealth | 20-Jan-2019 | 1

Dave Darby interviews Trevor Hilder of Web of Wealth, who is a specialist in Stafford Beer’s viable system model (VSM). Read more

7 great reasons to try bushcraft and camping in winter

Sean Fagan of Pioneer Bushcraft explores 7 great reasons why being outdoors and camping in winter can be fun, challenging and ultimately educational – and will greatly improve your overall bushcraft and camping skills. Read more

Free learning with a Wholewoods community build camp in 2019

Adrian Leaman of Wholewoods | 15-Jan-2019 | 3

Wholewoods are continuing their fantastic work, offering volunteers on-site learning on a 2019 build camp to construct a roundhouse for OrganicLea. Adrian Leaman has all the details of how to get involved below. Read more

Community-supported agriculture vs corporate supermarkets: Maresa Bossano of the UK CSA Network

We interview Maresa Bossano of the UK Community-Supported Agriculture Network to see how CSA measures up against corporate supermarkets. Read more

Life on Birchwood Croft: tales of smallholding in the Scottish Highlands

Lesley Anderson of | 10-Jan-2019 | 0

Lesley Anderson learns about the ups and downs of life for crofters Beth and Tim Rose in the Scottish Highlands. Read more

How to build an adobe earthen floor with Sigi Koko (Part 4)

Natural builder Sigi Koko of Down to Earth Design shares how to perfect the final finishing layer of an adobe earthen floor. Read more

Co-operativising the tech sector: an interview with Graham Mitchell of Webarchitects & CoTech

We speak to Graham Mitchell of Cotech about the co-operativisation of the tech sector and helping people switch to free and open source software. Read more

Chagfood community market garden apprenticeships on offer in 2019

Ed Hamer of Chagfood | 03-Jan-2019 | 0

Could 2019 be the year you learn how to set up and run a community market garden? Chagfood, a CSA scheme based in Chagford, Devon, is offering two apprenticeship opportunities from April to October. Read more

What do we do about the coming ecological crash?

Dave Darby of | 01-Jan-2019 | 7

So let’s start the year with a bit of optimism. Our last post was about the fact that there is a general lack of understanding of the implications of biodiversity loss, and the contribution of climate change to it. This post is for people who do understand what’s happening to nature, but can see no… Continue reading What do we do about the coming ecological crash? Read more

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