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The Mushroom Guide Part 2: fruiting shiitake mushroom blocks

We learn how to fruit shiitake mushroom blocks with Benedict Noel of The Mushroom Guide. It’s possible to grow shiitake mushrooms with very little equipment. If you’re a novice, this is the best place to start. Read more

Developing local entrepreneurs and keeping out giant corporations: Jay Tompt of the REconomy Project

Today we’re talking with Jay Tompt, of the REconomy Project. This is part of a series of interviews with people who are helping to build a new economy. Read more

Be part of a living, working countryside: apply for a small farm lease with the Ecological Land Cooperative

We hear from the Ecological Land Cooperative about exciting opportunities ahead for aspiring ecological farmers to apply for a small farm lease. Read more

The Mushroom Guide Part 1: why grow shiitake mushrooms?

No garden? No problem! In the first of a new series from the Mushroom Guide, Benedict Noel considers why shiitake mushrooms make a great starting point for anyone new to mushroom growing, particularly in an urban environment. Read more

The role of the state and the market in building the new economy: interview with Hilary Wainwright of Red Pepper

Today, we’re talking with Hilary Wainwright – an academic, activist, editor of Red Pepper magazine, and a fellow of the Transnational Institute (TNI). Read more

Want to learn about straw-bale building? More news on the ESBG 2019

… and a special offer for our readers! We hear from Eileen Sutherland of The School of Natural Building about the straw-bale building event of the year, happening for the first time in the UK this summer. Read more

Repair & maintain: how to keep your beloved clothes in your life for longer

Sarah Young of | 09-Apr-2019 | 2

Keen to repair your clothes? You’re not alone! We hear from Anca at about a growing movement challenging fast fashion. Read more

A moneyless trading system for the UK: the Open Credit Network launches website and conducts first trades

Dave Darby of | 07-Apr-2019 | 5

Big news as the Open Credit Network launches a website and conducts its first trades, laying the foundations of a moneyless trading system for the UK. Read more

Hartwyn free natural building course: 2019 applications now open

Joe Duirwyn of Hartwyn | 04-Apr-2019 | 0

We hear from Joe Duirwyn of Hartwyn about a fantastic free natural building learning opportunity running from June to September 2019. Read more

Tales of a winter working in a traditional tannery in Norway

Jessie Watson Brown of | 02-Apr-2019 | 2

Jessie Watson Brown, a UK traditional tanner, shares some of her experiences and learnings from a winter at Jutulskinn, a traditional tannery in Norway. Read more

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