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    Conversation with Jem Bendell, part 2: how should we respond to the collapse of capitalism?

    Jem Bendell of JemBendell.com | 02-Jul-2023 | 0

    This is the second part of a conversation between Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org and Jem Bendell, professor of sustainability leadership at the University of Cumbria, and author of the now famous 2018 Deep Adaptation paper that claimed that we’re on an inevitable path to civilisational collapse. Read more

    Bokashi composting: A beginners guide to slimming down your black bin waste

    Jane Perrone of Jane Perrone | 28-Jun-2023 | 2

    Bokashi composing could be the answer to kitchen composting. Read more

    Conversation with Jem Bendell, part 1: is industrial capitalism coming to an end?

    Jem Bendell of JemBendell.com | 25-Jun-2023 | 6

    This is the first part of a conversation between Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org and Jem Bendell, professor of sustainability leadership at the University of Cumbria, and author of the now famous 2018 Deep Adaptation paper that claimed that we’re on an inevitable path to civilisational collapse. Read more

    Move over #DeFi & #ReFi; hello #CoFi – collaborative finance for the commons

    Matthew Slater reports on the first Collaborative Finance Gathering at the Commons Hub, Austria, May 22-28, 2023, where the concept of ‘co-fi’ was born. Read more

    Community Orchards – tragedy or victory of the commons?

    Community orchards at their best are many things at once: a social space, a coming together of people to work together on a common task; a celebration of the abundant harvest of fruit; a haven for wildlife and a pocket of biodiversity. Read more

    Regenerative traditions in Africa: inspiration for the commons everywhere

    Building the commons may be hard in wealthier countries, where traditions of mutual aid were lost many years ago. But they’re still alive and well in other parts of the world – as this article by Janet of Grassroots Economics / Sarafu Network shows. I interviewed the director of Grassroots Economics, Shaila Agha, who told me about ‘chamas’ in Kenya – mutual savings groups, built on trusted relationships in local communities. Read more

    How sustainable is fashion? Fashion Reimagined: A review

    Fashion Reimagined is a documentary film that will make you rethink what can be achieved in sustainable fashion. Read more

    If our civilisation were collapsing, would we even know? Review of Jem Bendell’s ‘Breaking Together’

    Dr Patrick Smith of Papillon | 04-Jun-2023 | 10

    In Breaking Together Bendell argues that the collapse of industrial consumer societies is not just “inevitable” but is in fact already underway. Read more

    Native British pond plants

    Simon Eade of Garden of Eaden | 31-May-2023 | 0

    Learn about the native British pond plants that can support life in your pond. Read more

    How co-operation developed in nature and humans: implications for building the commons

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 28-May-2023 | 3

    I came across a fascinating study from the Journal of Economic Behaviour & Organisation, and I’d like to share a summary with you. It’s a fascinating read if (like me) you’re interested in helping build the commons in your community. Read more

    Do you know your carbon footprint? (And does it matter?)

    How useful is it to know our carbon footprint? Read more

    Calendula moisturising bars

    Kelly of Dirty Garden Hoe | 17-May-2023 | 2

    The best thing about growing Calendula for me is watching all the insects that come to enjoy those bright happy flowers that sway and sing with the wind. Calendula is a must have for any cottage garden/allotment/informal space and is an excellent open flower which is perfect for those insects and bees. Calendula officinalis is… Continue reading Calendula moisturising bars Read more

    Stroud Commons 4: new website

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 14-May-2023 | 0

    Stroud Commons now has a website – stroudcommons.org. Please tell anyone you know in Stroud about us. We’re looking for people to get involved. Read more

    Human scale technology at the Green Fair

    This is a call out to designers, inventors, makers and creators of alternatively powered human scale appropriate technology. Read more

    Why is the co-operative movement so successful in Emilia Romagna? With Matt Hancock (no, not that one)

    Matt Hancock of MH Consulting | 07-May-2023 | 3

    Today I’m talking with Matt Hancock, who’s been heavily involved with the co-operative movement in Emilia Romagna – the region of Italy around Bologna. There’s a huge, very successful co-op sector in ER. I want to try to find out in this interview is why – what’s special about ER, and can it be emulated elsewhere? Read more

    What is WikiHouse?

    Have you heard of the WikiHouse? Find out about this technology and open source construction set. Read more

    Stroud Commons part 3: ‘Money Talks’ public event with Brett Scott, May 19

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 23-Apr-2023 | 0

    Stroud ‘commoners club’ is hosting a public event at the Trinity Rooms in Stroud on Friday, May 19 at 7pm. If you live in Stroud, please do come along, and if you know anyone in Stroud, please let them know. Read more

    Are metal raised beds safe for vegetables?

    James Paris of Planters Post | 19-Apr-2023 | 0

    With the growing season, we look at whether or not a metal raised bed is safe for vegetable growing? Read more

    Matthew Slater’s review of recent money news

    Matthew Slater, co-author of the Credit Commons white paper, produces a biannual (usually!) roundup of money news he finds interesting. Here’s the latest. Read more

    Recycle and reuse vs throwing away electrical waste

    Annika Collins of Valpak | 12-Apr-2023 | 0

    Electrial products and e-waste are often dumped in landfill. Find out about different ways we can deal with the rubbish. Read more

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